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The mediation process

Are you interested in an out-of-court settlement? At the Mediation Center Liechtenstein, we are happy to explain to you what such a process could look like. Mediation takes place over one to five sessions, and each session can last two to four hours. In the process, the conflicting parties work out a joint solution under the guidance of the mediator.

Ablauf einer Mediation

Possible mediation procedure

  • First contact and initial discussion (often with only one party)
  • Individual interviews with all parties
  • Mandate is clarified
    • Information about mediation
    • Number, location, time of the sessions
    • Payment terms
  • Mediation agreement
  • Issues and points of view are discussed (certain issues may be excluded)
  • The interests of all parties are clarified
  • Ideas for solutions are collected
  • The most suitable idea for everyone is selected and agreed upon
  • Final agreement
  • Evaluation steps (if needed)

Are you interested in learning more? We are happy to give you more information about the mediation process.

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The most important advantages
of mediation:
  • The parties decide for themselves. The result: a win-win solution for everyone.
  • This creates a mutual understanding that allows the parties to maintain their relationship. Further cooperation or peaceful coexistence is possible.
  • If necessary, the feasibility of a solution can be reviewed by specialists (lawyers, construction experts, etc.). This makes the solution sustainable and compliant with legal regulations.