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Mediation – Konfliktlösung der anderen Art
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Mediation in lieu of court

Mediation is a method of resolving conflicts discreetly, affordably, and in a self-responsible manner, or of preventing them from arising in the first place. The trained mediators at Mediation Center Liechtenstein are happy to assist you in your mediation needs.

Small cause, great effect

The thing small legal cases have in common is that they can be time-consuming, burdensome and have considerable financial consequences. The time required is significant, (court) costs high, and the solutions unsatisfactory for at least one party.

Foundation law and direct access

But this does not only apply to the small conflicts in life. A sea change has also taken place in the area of foundation law in the Liechtenstein financial centre: discretionary foundations are being used and “direct” access to bank assets is no longer possible – in accordance with the law.

We are all familiar with such situations:
Disagreements that are on the verge of escalating. A car is parked in the wrong spot. Noise that keeps you up all night. Construction projects, business relationships, delivery difficulties. And estate settlements can also be fraught with conflict. The list goes on and on…
That’s because wherever people meet, conflicts arise. This is human, and it is natural.
Mediation – Gesprächsbasis bei Konflikten

Mediation – conflict resolution through new perspectives

Mediation is a procedure for the constructive settlement of conflict. As trained mediators, we at the Mediation Center Liechtenstein accompany the conflicting parties in the resolution process.

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Conflicts are there
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Mediation in lieu of court

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