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Conflicts are there
to be resolved

Whether in a public or private setting, on issues of foundations, estates or family, it is clear that there are many causes for differences in opinions. Misunderstandings, personal injuries, lack of communication, an aversion to conflict or lack of reflection – all of these can lead to severe conflicts.

Konflikte – Mediation als Lösung

What is conflict, actually?

A conflict is an interaction that is perceived by at least one side as emotionally stressful and/or objectively unacceptable. In this case, the attitudes, behaviours, interests and goals of the parties are incompatible. A distinction can be made between a factual conflict and a relationship conflict. The difference: in a factual conflict the relationship between the people remains intact, whilst in a relationship conflict it is strained.

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The ideal solution – mediation
In order to support you as you resolve your conflict, we offer the tool of mediation. As trained mediators, it is our duty to show you that it is not necessary to take every conflict to court.

Topics of conflict resolution


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