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Family mediation

Mediation in lieu of court

Mediation statt Gerichtsverfahren

Mediation in lieu of court

Marlene und Tom want a divorce – on good terms. Going to court? Out of the question.

Marlene and Tom have been separated for over a year. Many things from their shared past have not yet been resolved. In the course of consulting their lawyers, they learn about the costs and duration of legal proceedings. Their conclusion: it is too expensive and too time-consuming.

Mediation – the alternative solution

A friend suggests trying mediation. They want to save money, time and nerves. So they decide to go to the mediator of their choice.

After only a few sessions, the two succeed in developing a better understanding of each other’s needs and wishes with the help of the mediator. Finally, they can again have an open, respectful conversation on equal footing.

Assistance in the mediation process

A successful mediation needs parties to be open – and mediators who guide the process professionally and calmly. A team like the one from the Mediation Center.

We’re happy to give you more information about mediation.

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