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The Dreaded Team Meeting

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The Dreaded Team Meeting

Meetings are important. Necessary. And sometimes disliked.

That’s why head of department, Fred, has introduced a weekly team meeting. But not to everyone’s delight. Some colleagues see no point in these meetings. So, what do they do? They arrive late or not at all. This boycott has had an impact on the atmosphere at work.

Mediation in lieu of discussion

After futile attempts at appeasement and talks, Fred came up with an idea, to try mediation. During the process, everyone in the team was given the opportunity to voice their opinion. The result: staff learned to listen and to see things from a different perspective.

Understanding leads to a better working environment

After a few sessions, it was clear what needed to be done to put the conflict to rest. Everyone sticks to their agreements and as a result, everyone is once working again towards the same goal and the mood in the office has improved significantly.

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